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It can be frustrating launching a new product because it often feels like no-one is listening to you. You genuinely believe that you have invented something that there is a market for, but you simply cannot reach the people who would be interested in it. This is not a problem for a big company as they will simply hire a PR firm and throw money at them. Small businesses have to be a bit more creative when it comes to spreading the word.

Firstly, make sure your new product is completely ready before you start marketing it. Don’t promise things that you are unable to provide. If you still have glitches to work out, ensure they are sorted before you go to market.

It is worthwhile to pay for professional photos to use in your promotional material. You could probably take decent pictures by yourself, but an expert can make your product look spectacular. Print high quality business cards and brochures and remember to hand them out at every opportunity.

Pricing is an extremely important aspect of your promotion. You need to consult with distributors and manufacturers to get a completely accurate set of costs. Knowing costs will allow you to determine how much profit you will make. The sale price of your product will also be affected by what market you are targeting and whether or not it is a luxury item.

Get out of the office and start demonstrating your product to the local media. Local television and radio stations are often looking for content to fill up airtime. If your product is unusual or interesting they will likely be interested. Couple this with written press releases sent to local and national press.

How we can help….

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