Understanding Social Media for Small Businesses


Social media

Social media is a great way for a savvy small business owner to interact
with customers and conduct bootstrap marketing. If used correctly, social
media will build relationships and increase visitors to your online store.
There are a number of social networking sites that have become extremely
popular over the last few years and it is important for small businesses to
know how to use them to their advantage.

Even large corporations are now using social networks to communicate with
their customers. Some actually use it as a substitute for traditional help
desk software or ticketing system by making it the first point of contact
for any support requests. They can also easily monitor what people are
saying about their brand and respond if necessary.

Facebook has slowly evolved from a site for students into a website for
everyone. Small businesses and large corporations are welcome on Facebook
because users will only choose to receive updates from them if they are
interested. As with all social media, there is no real way for a company to
force people to listen to their marketing message

A Facebook account is free and it is easy to create a page that will
represent your company. Use the page to announce product updates in your
online store, launch promotional campaigns and communicate with your
“fans”. Remember to keep the page updated regularly because it will be
the main hub of your social media activity.

You should also start a LinkedIn account to provide a bit more information
about yourself and display your business credentials. A basic account is
free and it is an excellent way of building relationships with other people
in your industry.

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform and it receives a lot
of media coverage. It is free and easy to start ‘tweeting’ but before you
begin, try to follow some well-established users so that you understand the
feel of Twitter. You will not achieve very much if you only use it to
broadcast sales messages.

Remember that the key to success social media campaigns is always content.
Without great content, no-one will be interested in what you are saying. With social media growing at a faster rate than ever before, can your small business afford to ignore it?

How we can help…

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