Unusual Bootstrap Marketing Ideas


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Bootstrap businesses often need to work harder than their competitors to successfully market their products and services. Many firms that use bootstrapping set aside little or no money for marketing purposes. It is therefore important and sometimes necessary for them to incorporate unorthodox methods of promotion into their marketing strategy.

Small businesses should always know their top five customers. If you own a small business and cannot instantly name your five most important customers, you are in trouble. A great bootstrap marketing technique is to take your most valuable clients out to dinner once every year. This will serve as reminder for them of how valuable they are to you and how much you appreciate their custom. However, it also allows you to talk frankly to your customers and learn what they like and dislike about your business. Keeping your existing customers happy is much less expensive than courting new ones.

Another excellent bootstrap method involves networking. You should look for similar local businesses that fulfil the needs of your customer base. For example, if you are a maid then you should form an alliance with a carpet cleaning company. Both businesses can than give mutual referrals to their customer base. This is beneficial for the two companies and will also make the customer happy.

If you are launching new products or services on a bootstrap budget it can be very difficult to spread the word. Often not even your existing customers are ever aware that you have expanded your product range. To solve this problem, you have to get creative. Mention your new products on every form of correspondence you send. This includes fax cover sheets, invoices and product packaging – use anything you can find.

Try to focus your marketing efforts by hi-jacking a particular theme. For example, just before the tax year is up you could offer special deals to encourage customers to spend their tax refunds. You can also run promotions in conjunction with public holidays and celebrations such as Mother’s Day. Some small businesses also run promotions based on current popular films or fashion trends purely to jump on the bandwagon of their success.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a tremendous amount of time, or money. Building awareness, trust and credibility through your marketing efforts is vital. Always be genuine, sincere and transparent in your efforts, and you’ll be amazed what will pay off!

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