Use A Virtual Assistant For Outsourcing


VA.jpg So you’ve read all the other guides on what to do to start and run your small business or home office. Are your fingers tapping nervously on the desk while you wonder how you’re going to find enough hours in the day? Like us, you want your business to be a success but you’d also like to go to bed at some point and having dinner with your family or loved ones would be an advantage as well!

A Virtual Assistant (VA) will help take the pressure off running your business by reducing some of your workload. They carry out their work from their own premises meaning you won’t need to expand on your workplace.

Recruitment headaches. Hiring a VA means you don’t need to recruit an employee. This will save you time and resources as you won’t have to worry about health and safety, pay and other legal aspects of employment.

Sick Pay or Holiday. VAs don’t require sick pay. VAs also don’t need a holiday entitlement. We’re not saying VAs don’t go on holiday or get ill, but their leave of absence won’t mean your important project is delayed by a two week holiday abroad. Don’t rely on just one VA, have a backup ready if your first choice is unavailable for any reason.

Time Share. Like an accountant, it is likely a VA will have some experience of running a small business. By time sharing them with other (non-competive) businesses you will benefit from another more experienced virtual employee who can help you make some of the day-to-day decisions. Most VAs will be able to offer your business more than just typing up notes or answering a phone.

Busy or Quiet. The flexibility of VA outsourcing means you can hire more VAs during your busiest periods and none at all during your quietest. You pay them for the work they have completed. If they manage to complete the work you give them in an hour, you pay them for the hour and don’t have to worry about finding menial tasks to feel like your getting value from your employee.

References and Agreed Terms. Get references for your VAs and agree to all the terms of the work first. As with any business, some VAs will fail to mention their change in rates or overtime fees in the first instance. Get a clear agreement in place that you can use time and time again with all outsourced workers. Know your agreement so that you can write a covering email to amend it if necessary.

Hopefully by now you’re looking to reduce your overheads and at every possible point but bear in mind that a fresh, energetic version of you will be more useful than a worn-out version that will be prone to make more mistakes. It will help you to get that smile back onto your face.

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