Why there is more to cloud computing than apps


Cloud-based apps hold out the promise to make life easier for businesses. They can help consolidate accounts, keep diaries, organise helpdesks, monitor sales and manage projects. There are apps for almost anything. But are they really the answer to your business needs?

The big advantage of cloud-based apps is that they are accessible online through a familiar web browser and therefore available anytime, anywhere. The only requirement is internet access, an account, and a password. This is a considerable advantage, especially for companies with employees working at different sites or with project teams dispersed around the globe.

In the long run, however, there is a danger of business data becoming fragmented and business processes becoming disjointed. Do your apps work together? Do they share the same pool of data? Are they suitable for the industry you are working in? Do they do what they are supposed to do? Are some of them redundant? Do some of them do the same thing? Managing apps can become a task in itself – wasting time, energy and money.

There are even blog posts and other comments on the net, recommending to businesses to take stock of their applications and sift through them on a regular basis. The advice seems to be: Keep calm, organise your apps, and carry on. Surely this cannot be the way forward.

Software that really supports businesses needs to be more than a collection of apps: To really make business easier, an integrated solution is required – a solution, which combines the advantages of apps into a unified system. Ideally, such a solution is industry-specific, with an option for bespoke extensions and modifications. Uniting diverse functions such as business planning, accounting, invoicing, CRM, project management, sales pipeline, HR, helpdesk and analytics into a working system. Providing a cloud solution which makes succeeding in business easier – that is the vision behind Winweb Cloud.

Such a cloud solution simplifies business also because it takes care of the technological side of things, freeing businesses to focus on growth, customer care and innovation rather than technology. Backups take place regularly, assuring that data can always be retrieved and recovered. Equally, updates and software renewals are managed centrally and are part and parcel of the package. The cloud provider also takes care of security. While nothing is ever one hundred per cent safe, a quality cloud provider certainly will be able to offer better security than what most small businesses could afford by themselves.

When choosing business software, look beyond apps and focus on a comprehensive solution that really makes your life easier.

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