Working from home as a Virtual Assistant


If you are looking for a bit more flexibility in your work schedule, it is possible for you to work for yourself and transfer all of the skills that you use in your day job into a new career as a Virtual Assistant.

No matter what your speciality is in terms of skills or experience, it is likely that you can channel that into working freelance as a Virtual Assistant and stay at home rather than go into an office.

Although you might lose the security of a regular 9-to-5 office job, what you gain in terms of flexibility and a more varied and interesting work schedule will definitely make up for it.

Companies increasingly are looking to use freelance workers rather than to hire people on a permanent basis as it is far more cost-effective for them than paying all of the costs to hire someone and then having to pay for their holidays, sick days and training.

Technology today even allows Personal Assistants to upper management to work outside of the office and manage the schedule of their boss remotely. All they need is email, internet and a phone in order to accomplish everything that they would normally do in the office (apart from making the coffee or having a colleague make one for them!).

There are many websites where you can register yourself as a freelance Virtual Assistant but it is likely you’ll find these very competitive. Your best bet is to create an impressive website that will showcase the work you can do for clients and use this as your online business card whenever you are chasing a lead online.

If you have any skills such as speaking a foreign language you will be particularly in demand for short and long-term Virtual Assistant administrative work but even if you don’t there are other options available.

You don’t necessarily have to work in an administrative role either – if your talent lies in creative areas such as design there is no reason why you cannot do this kind of work at home too. IT, web design, software creation and programming are just some of the things that you can do from an internet connected laptop.

The only thing that tends to put off people from becoming a Virtual Assistant is the responsibility of having to find their own work in order to make a living. If you are able to deal with putting in the effort to find the work, being a VA can be a lucrative career path.

There will obviously be fluctuations in the amount of income you make on a monthly business but it is more than possible to create a good living as a Virtual Assistant and earn a salary that is comparable to a salaried position in an office.

So, if you are currently unemployed or would like to spend more time at home with your children, becoming a Virtual Assistant could be the answer to your problems. Let us know how you find it being a VA in the comments section below.

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