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  • Providing Better Customer Support To Your Clients With WinWeb Helpdesk


    If a customer wants to get in touch with your business urgently, how easy is it for them? It isn’t always possible to answer the phone and be available to email back each person that wants to speak to your business. Different timezones and flexible working hours mean that nowadays a customer often expects to [...]

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  • Business Benefits of E-Invoicing


    No matter if you are a worker in the purchasing department of a large enterprise or a micro business owner, e-invoicing is something that will have an immediate positive impact on your business. Firstly, the cost savings are important, especially if you are dealing with large-scale invoicing of customers on a repeat or regular basis. [...]

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  • Using Financial software to lower costs


    Whenever you wish to lower costs, bear in mind that simply eliminating all of your expenses is not a great strategy for long-term success. You should only get rid of expenses that are no longer necessary and to do this you will probably have to improve your financial management and record-keeping. It’s really easy to [...]

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  • Cloud Accounting with no subscription


    There are now a multitude of cloud accounting solutions on offer with choices available ranging from those suited to self-employed micro business solo entrepreneurs dealing with one or two transactions per month, right through to large enterprises that require multiple user access and have hundreds or thousands of transactions. What do most of these cloud [...]

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  • Business planning without subscription fees


    Planning for the future is an important process for any business of every size. Without a coherent plan for the future, your business could just be stumbling around in the dark rather than making its own way towards a bright future. Business plans are a must for businesses that care about the future beyond receiving [...]

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  • Unlimited Cloud Invoicing – One Payment


    The vast majority of businesses have no completely accurate way of predicting how many invoices they are going to have to send out to their customers in any given month. Despite this, many invoicing software applications will still charge their customers on the basis of how many invoices they send out per month. If they [...]

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  • WinWeb Cloud CRM Update: Companies House Integration


    Companies House is the executive body in charge of company registration in the UK and any company that your business has dealings with will have to legally be registered with them. Today we have released an update which will allow users of our Cloud CRM software to obtain additional information about the companies they deal [...]

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  • Should you provide customer support through social media?


    It is strange to think that just a few short years ago, social media did not exist. If a customer required support from a business they were restricted to the support channels of that company, whether that was through email or a premium rate telephone number. Nowadays, if that brand has a social media presence [...]

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  • Accounting for non-accountants


    The very words “accounting software” are enough to strike fear into the hearts of many business owners. This kind of reaction is understandable as, for many people who didn’t choose a career in the financial industries, their last experience of dealing with debits and credits will have been at school. That’s why most small business [...]

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  • How to manage your business schedule


    Every day is different for the majority of small or micro business owners. This means that it is essential for them to keep on top of everything that happens on a daily basis, no matter whether they are attending a networking event somewhere or filing their taxes. Most smart devices like phones and tablets now [...]

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  • Accessing all of the features of your app


    Once you have purchased or subscribed to any of WinWeb’s apps, it is easy to start using all of the features that come as standard. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on the WinWeb forum addresses the question of how you can access all of the standard features of one of our apps. Check out the [...]

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  • Removing WinWeb from your device


    Despite only offering online software based in the Cloud, we still sometimes receive support requests asking how to remove our apps from the computer or device of the user. WinWeb cloud apps are unique in comparison to traditional boxed software solutions because they can only be accessed through your browser. This makes them accessible through [...]

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