Unlimited Cloud Invoicing – One Payment


The vast majority of businesses have no completely accurate way of predicting how many invoices they are going to have to send out to their customers in any given month.

Despite this, many invoicing software applications will still charge their customers on the basis of how many invoices they send out per month. If they are having a particularly successful period, it’s almost certain to end up costing them more money just to be able to collect the money they are owed.

There is no real justification for why your business should be charged more by a cloud vendor based on the volume of invoices you send out per month. The extra load on their servers (which will be negligible) will be more than offset by their customers who only process a couple of invoices and log in for a few minutes of the month.

That’s the beauty of the cloud. It’s not like your provider will have to invest in a special server just for you because you’re suddenly invoicing every day. The cloud infrastructure allows them to scale up and down their hosting power as and when it is required, so for them to add more charges to your subscription or bump you up to a higher tier just because your business is doing it a bit better is really not at all fair.

More to the point though, do you really need to even be paying a subscription fee at all to your cloud provider?

We now offer our cloud Invoicing software on sale to buy permanently without the need for any kind of subscription at all. This might seem like some sort of scam but we assure you it isn’t – you’ll have access to your app forever.

There’s no need to pay any extra for assistance from our support team either – we’ll treat your query with the same expedience and care that we provide to any of our customers that have ongoing subscriptions. That’s because feedback on our apps are invaluable to make them even better and we want you to be so happy with your purchase that you will tell all your business-owning friends about us too.

So, just to recap, for one low-cost payment you will receive lifetime access to our cloud invoicing app. That means your business will never have to worry again about paying subscription fees every month just to be able to invoice your customers. You also won’t be paying out each month for something that you might not even use at all.

This means that you are not locked into a subscription contract of any kind and if you decide to take a break from your business for any reason there is no account to cancel or anything like that. Just pick up straight from where you left off once your business picks up again.

There really isn’t a better deal available to businesses of all sizes. Don’t get locked into a never-ending contract with your cloud invoicing software provider and make a one-off purchase instead.

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