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Modern small businesses in the Digital Age will often not have a traditional structure. The rise of flexible working and advances in technology have been instrumental in allowing many people to work part-time who would otherwise not be able to. The problem for many of these modern small businesses is that they often have trouble working together closely on projects that they would find easy if they were in the same office environment together.

The solution to this problem is easier than you might think. WinWeb provide an entire suite of office software that allows small businesses to work together collaboratively, regardless of their current location in the world. Our software uses the technology commonly referred to as either ‘cloud computing’ or ‘SaaS’ (Software-as-a-Service) to make this level of collaboration possible.

You have probably heard of some or all of those terms being used in the mainstream media, but may not have fully understood what they meant. It is actually a simple concept once you get your head around it. Basically, you are not required to download any software because it runs directly in your web browser. All you have to do is go to our website, from wherever in the world you are able to get Internet access, and then log-in to your account to start using the software straight away without any installation.

The collaborative benefits for this type of software are immediately obvious. Because everyone on your small business team is logging into the same system using their own unique ID, it means that they all have access to the same content. This allows them to easily view work-in-progress or contribute on projects together.

On the financial side of things, our software also allows you to work collaboratively with your accountant. You can grant them access to all of your finances to make it easy for them to see what is happening in your business and to detect problems early on.

Collaborative software is the future for small business and WinWeb are leading the way with our full office software suite.

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