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Nearly three quarters of all small business failures are estimated to be the result of poor cashflow management. Bad cashflow planning is deadly because it often leads to situations where a business is either unable to pay debts or staff wages, or to purchase the supplies and raw materials they need to generate income.

WinWeb offer a very effective and easy-to-use Cashflow Planning Tool that can prevent your business from getting into financial trouble that is completely avoidable. Our software provides clear and intuitive graphs that make it simple for users to analyse the incoming and outgoing cash from their business.

For most small businesses, cashflow planning is more useful than a Profit and Less statement. Good cashflow forecasting is able to accurately predict your future earnings, whereas a profit and loss statement will only ever analyse what happened in the past.

Cashflow is not something that you can easily calculate in your head and then expect to get accurate results. A common mistake that is often made when cashflow forecasting is to include inventory with cash or include money that has been invoiced for but not yet been received. Until inventory is sold or payment has been made then these amounts should not be included. WinWeb’s Cashflow Planning Tool will prevent you from making these basic errors.

The great thing about cashflow planning is that the longer you use it for, the more accurate your forecasting will become. Learning from previous cashflow dips and spikes is the key to anticipating similar events in the future. It also helps to identify seasonal patterns or events that will occur regularly, allowing you to incorporate these into your business plans.

Small businesses that think carefully about their cashflow are better prepared to make cost-cutting changes without causing damage. They can play around with the data available to them and examine what would happen to their cashflow if they lost a valued customer or there was a rise in the cost of the materials they use.

Don’t let your business get caught out by cashflow. Try WinWeb’s Cashflow Planning Tool today!

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