• Appointments App: Features & Benefits


    Want to be able to take appointment bookings directly online via your website or Facebook page? Now you can! There are a number of benefits gained from using our Appointments app to let your clients book appointments online: Online scheduling: Appointments will come directly to your business electronically, meaning no more paperwork. Save time: You [...]

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  • Calendar App (November 12 Update)


    WinWeb are excited to announce a great new update to our Calendar application available now. Like all our updates it is available to our customers at no additional charge with no installation required. The latest features added are: Event Updates Users of the Calendar app are now able to specify multiple individual calendars to be [...]

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  • Control your schedule


    It can be extremely difficult for an entrepreneur to stay organised unless they have some way of keeping to schedule. Many small business owners struggle to keep track of the various tasks that they have to complete throughout the day. The best solution for many of these business owners would be to get an online [...]

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  • Staying on schedule


    If timekeeping or staying organised is an issue for you as a small business owner, our Cloud Calendar module will be extremely useful. If you find yourself constantly on the road meeting clients then you will know how easy it is to lose track of what you are supposed to be doing. The Online Calendar [...]

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  • A Not-So-Private Small Business Diary


    One of the most important things when running a small business, especially as your business begins to expand and your number of employees grows, is being organised and co-ordinated with your co-workers. But, how is this possible when you and your colleagues work in separate areas or even in separate countries? As a small business [...]

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