Big Data

  • Data in your hand


    Being able to access relevant information about your business in a timely fashion can be essential for making correct decisions about the direction of your enterprise. All business decisions should ultimately be made when you have the complete picture of your current business situation. With our software, you are able to take the whole story [...]

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  • Update to WinWeb Cloud Apps – 6th June 2013


    WinWeb are excited to announce the introduction of a brand new app as well as a significant update to one of our most popular apps. Our new Data Backup app is the best way to sync and secure your invaluable data to the Cloud. Schedule automated uploads of your data to our secure servers with [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Big Data


    Big Data is no longer just for big business – the Business Cloud makes it affordable for businesses of any size or structure. Now you are able to utilise all of your business data to gain new insights into your customer base and provide a better, more customer-centric service. Curate Data: Our Cloud Apps make [...]

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  • Online Disk App: Features and Benefits


    Your data security is vital. That’s why our Online Disk App was designed with the data storage requirements of all types of businesses in mind, from small businesses that just need to store and share a small number of critical files, right through to large enterprises that need to store and analyse a large amount [...]

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  • Dealing with BIG Data


    Big data doesn’t have to mean an equally big cost. Storing a large amount of data and making it accessible to all of your employees used to be a big problem for small businesses. Their only option was to get a local network all of their own, which then had to be maintained and often [...]

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