• Blog App: Features and Benefits


    Broadcast your company message to a gigantic potential audience with the Blog App and choose from thousands of great designs so that you get the blog of your choice. There are a number of benefits gained from using a Blog to promote your business online: Choose a stylish design: Pick from a range of styles [...]

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  • Blogging for Offline Businesses


    Even businesses in the “real world” need to have an online presence. Blogging is one of the best ways for a business to start building a presence on the Internet. But for many business owners, operating a blog is something well outside of their comfort zone. In fact if you asked most businesspeople if they [...]

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  • How can a blog help my small business?


    Every small business website owner wants to increase their traffic. There are many ways of doing this, with the most popular being SEO (search engine optimisation). This involves designing your website so that search engines can send the right people to pay you a visit. But without regular updates and interesting content you will not [...]

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  • Blogs for Business: Should you have one?


    Blogging opens a new channel of communication between you and your customers. Blogging has become extremely popular in recent years. Many people simply blog as a hobby, usually on topics that interest them or that they are experts in. Some blogs have a very high level of readership and are able to charge a fortune [...]

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  • 5 Blogging Ideas


    A good business blog delivers a multitude of benefits. From increased click through rates on your website to improved brand awareness and providing you with an aura of authority, it is well worth investing the time to deliver good quality business blog content. However, it can be hard knowing where to start blogging, so here [...]

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  • Who Needs A Blog?


    “Blogging” is one of the key online business terms of the previous decade. What started as a hobby for many people around the world was soon recognised as having potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Blogging is an abbreviation of the term “weblog” and is a natural evolution of the original basic ‘online [...]

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  • Small Business Blogging Tips


    If you own a small business website, one of your main priorities is likely to be driving more traffic towards it. There are various ways of doing this, with the most popular being SEO (search engine optimisation). This involves changing your website so that search engines are better equipped to send the right people to [...]

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