• The Basics of SaaS


    Our software is not available to purchase from a shop, order on a disk or download. We prefer to offer our software suite as an on-demand application that can be accessed wherever you can find web access. This method is known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). If you have used web-based e-mail before then you already know [...]

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  • SaaS: Great productivity from your Web Browser


    Half of the world’s internet population currently use Internet Explorer. However, WinWeb are well aware that many people prefer to use other popular browsers. That is why we support all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It doesn’t matter which of these browsers you favour or whether you like to mix and [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Phasing Out Support For Older Browsers.


    From August 1st, WinWeb will no longer support older browsers – those using IE7, Firefox (Mozilla) 3.5 and Apple’s Safari 3 or older will not be able to use the full functionality of the on-demand WinWeb micro business and small business software applications & business services. The decision was taken due to security and compatibility [...]

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