Business Cloud Framework

  • Business Cloud Benefit: Customisation


    Your software – the way YOUR business needs it – is one of the most important features of the Business Cloud. Business Model: Only customised IT has the power to support your business model – allowing you to test and make controlled customisation adjustments that fine tune your business model and processes. Business Process: Customising [...]

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  • Achieving a Single Customer View


    Having all your invaluable customer data in one place with Cloud CRM allows you to achieve a Single Customer View. The Single Customer View is the linking of all your data from various sources about a specific customer into one place. The Business Cloud allows your enterprise to manage a whole range of complex data [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Compatibility


    Upgrading to Windows 8? Don’t expect all your boxed software to work anymore – but your Business Cloud apps WILL. Business Cloud Compatibility: If you are reading this blog post then you most likely already have everything you need to run the Business Cloud and compatibility is no issue for you. The great majority of [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Cloud Virtual Assistants


    Every business could do with a little bit of help now and then. That’s why our Cloud Virtual Assistants are so popular with businesses of every size. Cloud Virtual Assistance: Our accredited WinWeb Cloud VAs are all professional service providers who have an in-depth knowledge of our Business Cloud. Many are qualified Business Mentors and [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Cloud Computing


    Right now we’re all talking about “The Cloud“, but in a few years time the Cloud will simply just be known as “I.T.“ Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone: Cloud Computing will allow you to access your business data anywhere and anytime. You’re always open for business and can take advantage of any business opportunity right away, at [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Business Mentors


    Running your own business for the first time can be a difficult experience with a very severe learning curve. Connecting Business Mentors to our clients is just one of the ways that we can make life easier for them. Become A Mentor: Becoming a Business Mentor is a great way to give something back and [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Business Growth


    Most small business owners are not content with staying small forever. If your business grows quickly you need software that will grow with it. You need the Business Cloud. Buying a Business: If you buy or merge with another small business, the Business Cloud allows you to quickly integrate the entire business, new staff and [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Business DNA


    Just like a living creature, every single business is different and is created differently. In fact, you could say that each business has its own Business DNA. Keep Your Business Unique: The Business Cloud allows you to ensure your business is as individual as you are by creating a personal experience for your customers and [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Business Collaboration


    Collaboration with professionals and freelancers allows your business to get things done without expanding beyond your core team or going over budget. Ad-hoc Co-Ops: Found a project, but it might be to big for you? Think again! With the Business Cloud you could form a Co-op just for this one project with local or international [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Business Cloud Framework


    The Business Cloud Framework is the basis for everything that we do at WinWeb and, quite simply, is everything we stand for as a company. Complete Back-Office: Getting all your software and services from one source has benefits. The Business Cloud leaves you to run your business and not worry about your Back Office. Focus [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Big Data


    Big Data is no longer just for big business – the Business Cloud makes it affordable for businesses of any size or structure. Now you are able to utilise all of your business data to gain new insights into your customer base and provide a better, more customer-centric service. Curate Data: Our Cloud Apps make [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: All-in-One


    Buying software from multiple sources can increase your costs exponentially. That’s why we offer all our integrated apps together at one affordable low price. Customisable: Every business is different and has its very own Business DNA. We make our software easily and cost-effectively customisable – meaning you have more control over your business processes and [...]

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