Business Email

  • How To: Setup your email account using Microsoft Outlook


    If you are a UK customer and you would like to check your Business Email via Outlook, please follow the instructions below in order to set it up. US customers should follow the same instructions but set the “Incoming Mail Server (POP3):” to instead. Setup Instructions for accessing WinWeb Email via Outlook Email Address [...]

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  • How To: Setup your email account using MacMail


    If you are a UK customer and you would like to check your Business Email via MacMail, follow the instructions below to set it up. US customers should follow the same instructions but set the “Incoming Mail Server:” to instead. To Setup your email account first open MacMail and from the Menu bar select [...]

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  • How to: Setup Your Email Client


    WinWeb Email is an affordable professional solution for any small business that wishes to manage their email in the cloud, free of advertising and other intrusions. This simple “How To” guide explains how a subscriber can setup their email client for the first time. 1. Login to your Dashboard at and select the email [...]

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  • Lifetime Access to Integrated Cloud Email


    If you want Cloud email functionality that is tightly integrated into the rest of your business processes, we’ve got the ideal add-on for any existing users of our Cloud Apps or anyone looking to make their first steps into the world of Software-as-a-Service. We have recently updated the email app with increased functionality that makes [...]

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  • WinWeb Email


    Many businesses feel the need to have their own dedicated server to handle email or to store and share electronic documents. Maintaining company servers can be a very expensive process, particularly once the server starts to get older and problems develop. Sadly many business owners have failed to realise that web-based software can now fill [...]

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  • Stop the ‘spam’


    Email marketing and electronic newsletters are excellent promotional tools, but they can sometimes be rendered useless by an over-enthusiastic spam filter. Many small businesses want to improve communications with their customer base. A common method that a lot of them choose is email marketing. Spam filters come mainly in two types. The one that is [...]

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  • Have you tried Email Marketing for your Small Business?


    Email marketing is different to traditional methods of advertising and is often done very poorly by people who have a lack of understanding about how it should be done. Many small businesses want to take advantage of the numerous benefits provided by email marketing, but very few are actually able to run a campaign that [...]

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  • An email solution for business


    Email should not impede on your most productive work hours. Email is a great business tool and has gradually become absolutely essential for most of us. However, it is a huge time sink and can have a negative effect on your productivity. If you are finding that it eats away at your work schedule and [...]

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  • How To: Assign A Project From An Email


    WinWeb’s fully integrated small business software gives your business the option to update on element of your software and the change to be made across the whole system. This fully integrated software means you can assign projects, tickets or task to your WinWeb Projects and Tickets Software directly from your WinWeb Business Email inbox. Here’s [...]

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  • Business Email Tips For Small Businesses


    Business email has revolutionised customer service. It is instant, cost-effective and can be a powerful tool, building a relationship with customers. Unfortunately business email can leave the reputation of a business damaged, customers irritated and do more harm than good. Here are a few tips: Be prompt. Customers use email expecting to receive a quick [...]

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  • How Will Business Email Help My Business?

    If you are a small business owner then you will need to be sending and receiving email. This is the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way to get in touch and stay in touch with customers, potential customers and suppliers. Business Email software programmes, such as that provided by WinWeb, simplify the whole task [...]

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