Business Mistakes

  • Business Tips for Avoiding Startup Mistakes


    Mistakes are often made by startups in their early days of trading. Some are more costly than others, but most can be avoided. Take a look at the slideshare below to get some tips on how to avoid startup mistakes, courtesy of WinWeb.

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  • Keeping your business alive


    Most business failures are due to relatively simple errors that occur through lack of experience. The high mortality rate of start-up businesses is something that we at WinWeb strive to help lower. With this in mind, consider some of the following common mistakes that a rookie business owner can make. Don’t become arrogant and start [...]

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  • Planning your way through problems


    To determine the underlying origin of a problem, it can be useful to employ a little bit of business theory. Begin by brainstorming all the factors related to a problem. Examine whether any unusual factors were involved and if they came from inside or outside of your business. Try to think of ways in which [...]

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  • Learn from Business Mistakes


    Sometimes it is only possible for a small business to learn by making a mistake. A small mistake often serves as a warning that something might go seriously wrong in the future and provides an opportunity for you to make a change before that happens. Here are some of the things you can learn when [...]

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