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  • Breaking the SaaS Subscription Model


    We recently decided to change the way that we offer some of our most popular apps to new customers. In the online software industry it is common practice for vendors to provide their products on a subscription basis. Many of us have become accustomed to paying for things online monthly or annually and receiving time-limited [...]

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  • Planning App: Features and Benefits


    Planning for the future is essential. That’s why our Planning app was designed to make it easy for businesses to use the information they have available to start creating plans. Below are some of things you can use it for in your business. Plan your actions: The data generated from our Business Planning App can [...]

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  • Planning: A Roadmap to Success


    Starting a business without a plan is a lot like setting off on a long journey to an unknown place without any sort of guidance. You will be lucky if you manage to reach your destination safely. This is why it is crucial for any business to have a plan in place right from the [...]

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  • Planning your dream business


    It can be overwhelming to decide on the business that is right for you. If you are currently working a 9-to-5 job and considering starting your own business, it can be difficult to decide what type is the best for you. Unless you already have a specific passion for something in particular it is difficult [...]

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  • Getting your business back on track


    Many businesses are having a rough time in the current economy. The first thing you should do if your business is struggling is to refer back to your business plan. Examine whether you have strayed from the original premise of your business idea and evaluate whether this diversion has been successful or not. Conversely, if [...]

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  • Focus on Business Planning


    Losing your business focus will often result in a loss of momentum and can affect your decision making process. It can be extremely difficult to keep focus on your business goals, especially with rapid growth. This is why WinWeb have Planning software designed for the needs of small businesses. The most significant element of the [...]

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  • 5 Business Planning Tips


    No business can succeed in today’s competitive environment without clear aims and goals. Getting distracted or losing sight of what constitutes the core business can easily lead to strains on business finances and a scatter gun approach to marketing.Natural planners in business are a rare commodity. Any small business owner should be focused on sales [...]

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  • Increase Business Success with Business Planning


    Setting goals and targets with which to measure success is a sensible and professional way to manage a business. It may be possible for an owner operator or very small business to succeed based on information kept in the proprietors head but once a business starts to grow it becomes vital to establish plans to [...]

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  • How To: Do A SWOT Analysis With WinWeb Business Planning Software


    WinWeb’s Business Planning Software is a great way for small businesses to remain focused on their business goals and play to their strengths. Our SWOT Analysis tool makes it easier than ever for your business to carry out an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, giving you a clear overview of your business [...]

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  • Why Is Business Planning Essential For Small Businesses?


    You know the old adage, fail to plan and you plan to fail, well that was never as important as when you have a small business. Planning your business is the first step to it becoming a reality and once up and running it is the plan that will ensure that you stay on track. [...]

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  • Forecast Your Businesses’ Future With Business Planning Software

    A cashflow forecast is the only way to see how much cash a business owns at any point in time. Financial statements are more accurate overall, but these always take into account non-cash items such as assets and liabilities. WinWeb’s Business Planning software includes a powerful Cashflow tool that will help predict whether your company [...]

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