• Business Apps for Contractors


    Because our software is uniquely customisable, there are BizApps available for every industry. Let’s take a look at what the Business Cloud can do for Contractors. 1. Get a One-Page Website: With your very first one-page website to promote your business, you can place your contact details online so that you will appear on search [...]

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  • Why Your Business Needs Cashbook Software


    Any business, no matter what the size, will benefit from having an accurate and secure source of financial records. Having these records held in real time cashbook software also takes away many of the challenges over access, security and business continuity that would otherwise have to be addressed. Most small business owners have neither the [...]

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  • VIDEO: What Is Small Business Cashflow Planning?


    Small business cashflow planning is an integral part of making a small business successful. But what exactly is small business cashflow planning? And why should your business bother with cashflow planning? Watch this brief video to find out just how simple it is to plan your business cashflow; and why your business should be doing [...]

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  • Why Cashflow Planning Is Vital For Your Business


    The lifeblood of each and every small business is cashflow. The old saying goes that “cash is king” and that is true nowhere more than in the small business arena. It is worth asking, then, why so many small businesses leave cashflow planning to chance. Cashflow planning needn’t be time consuming, or costly – in [...]

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  • Focus on Cashflow = Business Success


    Cash flow is used as a measure of a business’ financial health and refers to the movement of cash in and out of a business or project. A successful business has more cash flowing in than out and shows an overall profit – it is this that should be the focus of your business, and [...]

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  • 5 Basic Cashflow Tips


    When it comes to business, cash is king. It is the lifeblood of any small business and without enough cashflow it becomes impossible to pay off debts or purchase stock, resulting in a vicious circle that can be hard to break with seeking financial help. The best defence against this scenario is good cashflow planning. [...]

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  • A Financial Health Check For Your Small Business


    Keeping on top of your business finances can be a stressful process for many small business owners. Unfortunately, it is an essential task if you wish to avoid business failure. Even businesses that appear to be successful on the surface and are making a lot of product sales can become victims of business failure if [...]

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  • Goal Setting for Small Businesses


    Small businesses often overlook the importance of setting clear goals. It is often said that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This is why even small businesses use business theory techniques like the SWOT Analysis or SMART goals. There are a number of people who will suffer if you don’t establish [...]

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  • Improve Your Cashflow Management


    Cashflow is often described as being the lifeblood of small businesses. Without careful management of cashflow a business can quickly get into financial trouble. A lack of cash can be hard to remedy, especially if the business needs to purchase supplies before it can make further sales. Without additional investment or a bank overdraft to [...]

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  • Focus on Your Small Business Goals


    It can be extremely difficult to keep focus on your business goals, especially if you are starting to become successful very quickly. Losing focus on what you are trying to achieve will often result in a loss of momentum for your business and can affect your decision making process. This is the main reason that [...]

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