cloud apps

  • An app that will rock your enterprise


    If your business is struggling to make contacts and connect with the right people, give our free Enterprise Rockers CloudApp a try. The Enterprise Rockers were founded to support the 4.5 million+ micro enterprise owners in the UK today. But what is a “micro enterprise”? The Enterprise Rockers define this as any sole trader or [...]

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  • Cloud Calendar (Feb ’13 Update)


    We are excited to announce a great new update to our Cloud Calendar app. Like all of our updates it is available to WinWeb customers at no additional charge with no installation required. The major changes in our latest update include a greater variety of event options and optional client access to your company calendar. [...]

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  • Why should your business choose WinWeb?


    If your enterprise is considering business software, we can provide everything you might need all in one place. WinWeb have years of experience providing software on-demand to businesses of every size, from high level enterprise through to micro business. The great customisation and scalability of the software we offer allows us to be versatile enough [...]

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  • 2013: Not unlucky for Apps


    Last year was a breakthrough for app usage worldwide. How are you reading this article? There’s a good chance you might be viewing it on an app rather than a web browser, at least according to web use statistics for 2012. The rate of app adoption is remarkably growing more quickly than the PC revolution [...]

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  • New Year, new software?


    Break the expensive software purchasing cycle. For many businesses, the thought of an exciting new year is tainted slightly by the knowledge that they will soon have outdated software. The annual purchasing of the latest version of vital software needed to run a business has, for many of us, become like a ritual. In fact [...]

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