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  • Free Cloud Computing eBook


    If you don’t know much about the Cloud we have the perfect introduction for you. Nearly everyone with an online business has heard the term “cloud computing” by now, yet there is still a lot of confusion among the general public about what it actually means. A recent survey of 1,000 Americans highlighted how unclear [...]

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  • Cloud Computing: The Facts


    Small business owners will most likely have heard of the term ‘cloud computing’, but if asked to explain its meaning they may struggle. Cloud computing is actually a very easy concept to understand. Cloud software is hosted on virtual servers maintained by an external provider, reducing the need for a complex IT infrastructure and lowering [...]

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  • What is Cloud Computing?


    This week we’ve already outlined the benefits of using Cloud Computing for your business, but some of our readers have been in touch asking us to clarify what exactly Cloud Computing is; and we’re more than happy to inform you! Cloud Computing, very simply, means that instead of the software you use to run your [...]

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