Cloud Computing

  • The Four USPs of Cloud Computing


    “My company WinWeb and I are firm believers that there are four essential Unique Selling Points (USPs) to consider whenever you select a cloud provider.”

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  • SaaS: Great productivity from your Web Browser


    Half of the world’s internet population currently use Internet Explorer. However, WinWeb are well aware that many people prefer to use other popular browsers. That is why we support all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It doesn’t matter which of these browsers you favour or whether you like to mix and [...]

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  • An Environmentally-Friendly Software Solution


    Climate change is perhaps the most important issue of our time. Despite this, small business owners have limited options for reducing their carbon output or helping the environment. Because they have very little money to spare they often have to do things in the cheapest way possible. We at WinWeb believe small business owners can [...]

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  • Cloud Computing: The Facts


    Small business owners will most likely have heard of the term ‘cloud computing’, but if asked to explain its meaning they may struggle. Cloud computing is actually a very easy concept to understand. Cloud software is hosted on virtual servers maintained by an external provider, reducing the need for a complex IT infrastructure and lowering [...]

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Business Efficiency


    Making your business more efficient will save your business both time and money. Efficiency is often seen as boring and tiresome, with WinWeb, however, becoming more efficient will transform your business, save you money and give you a better work life balance. Here are 5 simple ways to improve business efficiency: – Work Online – [...]

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  • What is Cloud Computing?


    This week we’ve already outlined the benefits of using Cloud Computing for your business, but some of our readers have been in touch asking us to clarify what exactly Cloud Computing is; and we’re more than happy to inform you! Cloud Computing, very simply, means that instead of the software you use to run your [...]

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  • Infographics: Invoicing & Billing Software


    One of the most important objectives for any business, especially small businesses should be to get paid as early as possible to help the business cash-flow. With that in mind we have produced this info-graphic for you, to share the benefits of cloud computing invoicing and billing software with you:

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  • Infographic: Cloud vs. Boxed Software – The Benefits.


    With some “boxed” software providers claiming that cloud computing is too expensive, we thought we would have a little look and see if this is actually true? Here is our little info-graphic about the subject: This is just the average pricing we found on the web from some of the best known “boxed” software providers [...]

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  • What Is Small Business Cloud Computing?


    The term “cloud computing” is commonly used when discussing our software. At WinWeb we provide software in a “on-demand” basis, meaning that our customers are able to access their data from any computer terminal and a wide range of internet-enabled devices. Cloud computing is also often referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) because it is usually [...]

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  • Is Your Business Stuck In The Mud?


    Businesses, and business people, often describe themselves as “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside of the box”. Yet, these very same businesses are often running their back office in an inefficient, costly, way. Being ‘stuck in the mud’ as a business means being bogged down by admin, stuck in an old way of working. True [...]

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  • Has Your Business Got Its Head In The Clouds?


    If your small business has sensitive information or customer records that are being stored digitally, security has to be one of your highest priorities. With a cloud computing solution like WinWeb’s Online Data Store you are able to make data security a priority without spending a fortune on a new secure infrastructure. Any information entered [...]

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  • WinWeb Collaborative Small Business Software


    Modern small businesses in the Digital Age will often not have a traditional structure. The rise of flexible working and advances in technology have been instrumental in allowing many people to work part-time who would otherwise not be able to. The problem for many of these modern small businesses is that they often have trouble [...]

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