Cloud Computing

  • Top 5 IT Cost Savings


    IT is often an expensive drain on the resources of small businesses. Although it costs a lot, the technological advances provided by IT investment can be invaluable. Here are some of WinWeb’s top tips for saving money on your IT budget: Switch to VoIP: Huge telephone bills can be a nasty shock for a small [...]

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  • Data Storage In The Cloud


    A small business that does not have a data storage policy in place is taking an unnecessary risk. The consequences of data loss can be extremely severe and will often lead to a loss of revenue for the business involved. There are numerous threats to small businesses that do not take adequate data storage measures. [...]

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  • LaunchLab on how to have your 'Head in the Cloud.'


    Dan Matthews of is contemplating how he and his readers can get their ‘head in the cloud.’ Rather than ranting about tie etiquette, Barack Obama and other highly topical subjects, he has decided to rant a little about cloud computing. He describes how small business can benefit from the technology. He makes reference to [...]

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