• Top fragmented and integrated apps for your business


    Our friends over at The Small Business Blog have put together a great list of some of the best integrated and fragmented software options for businesses that are available right now in 2013. No matter whether your business requires accounting, project management or CRM there are a multitude of options available to choose from. Take [...]

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  • Make saving money your business priority


    Business software can be an expensive investment for small and micro businesses. Many Cloud solutions are not significantly cheaper than traditional boxed software and the ongoing subscription costs are off-putting for a business on a limited budget. If you are interested in a cloud option that is genuinely cheaper than boxed products, we offer many [...]

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  • WinWeb ∞ CloudApps


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  • Breaking the SaaS Subscription Model


    We recently decided to change the way that we offer some of our most popular apps to new customers. In the online software industry it is common practice for vendors to provide their products on a subscription basis. Many of us have become accustomed to paying for things online monthly or annually and receiving time-limited [...]

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  • Surveys App: Features & Benefits


    Create surveys for your clients via email and online. Find out how to improve your service… There are a number of benefits gained from using the Surveys app to find out more about your business and its customers: Get feedback: Your business will benefit from timely feedback on the things it does and from opinions [...]

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  • Reminders App: Features & Benefits


    Remind your clients via SMS or email. Don’t let them forget about your business! There are a number of benefits gained from using the Reminders app to manage your business schedule online: Friendly reminders: The last thing any business wants is having a client that fails to show up. Avoid “no shows” by sending a [...]

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  • Online Booking App: Features & Benefits


    Handle all kinds of bookings and manage your resources online. There are a number of benefits gained from using the Online Booking app to schedule your business online: Suitable for many types of business: From equipment hire to holiday lets, if your business model is based around people hiring from you or booking your time, [...]

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  • Email Newsletter App: Features & Benefits


    Promote your business via email and ensure that you stay in regular contact with your customers. There are a number of benefits gained from using the Email Newsletter app to promote your business online: Stay in the mind of customers: Regular email communication is the best way to remind your customers that you still exist. [...]

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