Collaborative thinking

  • Ad Hoc Collaboration: Avengers Assemble!


    Sometimes a small business is offered an exciting large project but has to refuse it because they just don’t have the resources to pull it off. This can be a devastating setback for any entrepreneur that is determined to take their business to the next level by taking on increasingly larger and larger projects. Without [...]

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  • Flexible Working and Collaboration


    The terms “flexible working” and “collaboration” might seem at first to be very far apart. The growing demand for flexible working and advances in technology have been instrumental in allowing many people to work part-time who would otherwise not be able to. The problem with this is that employees often have trouble working together closely [...]

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  • 7 Big Ideas for Business Collaboration


    Businesses of every size and in every industry can benefit in some way or another from collaboration. Read on to find some big ideas from WinWeb that might help you. If you enjoy this post or you have any other ideas to share then please do let us know in the comments section. 1. Communicate [...]

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  • New Technology Improves Business Collaboration


    A business can only work to full potential when all its staff are able to pool their knowledge and work collaboratively on projects. But some people believe that the increasing popularity of homeworking could potentially make it more difficult than ever for some businesses to work in absolute collaboration, especially as their employees could be [...]

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