• WinWeb CEO works from Heathrow runway


    Even being grounded on the runway at Heathrow today couldn’t stop the WinWeb CEO from being connected to his team and working in the Cloud via WinWeb CloudAPPs. By now you have probably heard the news about the plane forced to turn around and land on the runway this morning at Heathrow because one of [...]

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  • Cloud Commuting


    If the best part of your weekend is not having to commute, you might want to let the Cloud help with that. Most people look forward to the weekend as a break from the working week, but if your sole reason for being happy about the weekend is not having to commute then it is [...]

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  • Leave the city and get away from it all


    Looking for a complete lifestyle change? You might want to consider starting a rural business. This is a completely different prospect to running an urban business and perhaps may even require more effort to be successful, but it is extremely rewarding. Rural communities depend on a wide number of economic activities, even though these days [...]

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  • Work from home and escape the rat race!


    The challenge of running your own business could be just what you need. If you are unhappy with your current job or feel that your career has stagnated, running a small business from home can be a life-changing experience. Of course, quitting a steady job with a regular guaranteed salary to start a small business [...]

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