Contact CRM

  • WinWeb CRM App: Features and Benefits


    There are so many Customer Relationship Management software solutions on the market – why should you choose the CRM app from WinWeb? Manage all of your relationships: Your customer relationships are vital for the success of your business. Using our CRM app allows you to easily manage relationships with every person who comes into contact [...]

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  • Your Virtual Address Book


    The traditional address book is now obsolete. They are difficult to search and very easy to lose. This is why the online address book included in WinWeb Contacts software is extremely useful for small business owners. You can access your full list of contacts from wherever you are in the world. Keeping track of your [...]

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  • CRM Benefits for your Customers


    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is very helpful for small business. A good online CRM system can perform a multitude of useful functions. A high quality CRM system will allow you to provide a higher quality of customer care than any other available customer service solution by presenting you with all the information you need [...]

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  • How To: Add Notes To A Contact in Contacts CRM


    The developers at WinWeb built all of our software with customer needs at the forefront of every design decision. The Contacts CRM section of Online Office is one of the most important parts of the software because it is filled with data relating to all the people your company has ever had dealings with, ranging [...]

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