credit control

  • How to do Credit Control as an SME


    It’s a fact that small businesses live and die on the money they receive from clients. When small and micro businesses don’t receive the money they are owed in a timely fashion, it can impact on their cashflow and make it impossible for them to complete projects for their other customers or to manufacture more [...]

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  • Want a more efficient business?


    It is possible to improve the overall efficiency of your business simply by making small changes in certain areas. Although your business might be doing well, it is always useful to look at your business processes and evaluate whether anything could be improved. Firstly, examine whether your bank is still giving your business the best [...]

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  • A Start Button For Your Business


    On Monday we updated our software and our user interface, to make navigating our Office Cloud Apps easier for our clients. All you have to remember from now on, is to press the “START” button to see all the options you need for your daily business activities. More enhancements are on their way over the [...]

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