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  • WinWeb Cloud CRM Update: Companies House Integration


    Companies House is the executive body in charge of company registration in the UK and any company that your business has dealings with will have to legally be registered with them. Today we have released an update which will allow users of our Cloud CRM software to obtain additional information about the companies they deal [...]

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  • WinWeb is “alternative to Salesforce and NetSuite”

    WinWeb Cloud is a fully integrated and customisable solution dedicated to helping businesses become financially sustainable by providing them with access to the tools they will need at an affordable price. It is a system that is agile and flexible enough to provide custom app offerings to every industry and unlike other similar companies, those [...]

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  • Best practice for customer service


    It is vital for any business to make their customers happy. As well as offering great products or services to your customer base, they will also expect top-notch customer service too, even if your business is a one-person operation. With this in mind, here are some best practice tips for providing excellent customer service: Make [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Your Customers


    Any business that doesn’t make customers their number one priority is not going to be in business forever. Don’t Sell: Customers don’t want to be sold to or spammed – it is annoying and irritating. If you engage with your customers on a personal level, they will engage with you too. Focus On Customers: Your [...]

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  • WinWeb CRM App: Features and Benefits


    There are so many Customer Relationship Management software solutions on the market – why should you choose the CRM app from WinWeb? Manage all of your relationships: Your customer relationships are vital for the success of your business. Using our CRM app allows you to easily manage relationships with every person who comes into contact [...]

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  • CRM Benefits for your Customers


    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is very helpful for small business. A good online CRM system can perform a multitude of useful functions. A high quality CRM system will allow you to provide a higher quality of customer care than any other available customer service solution by presenting you with all the information you need [...]

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  • WinWeb announces Sage ACT import for Cloud CRM


    WinWeb understand the importance of having all your data in one place, in one easy-to-use multi-purpose software suite. That is why we continually work to develop plugins that make it easy for people to switch to WinWeb without being locked into their current software vendor. Our latest software plugin allows users of Sage ACT CRM [...]

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  • An overview of WinWeb Contacts CRM


    WinWeb Contacts CRM software is one of the simplest options for any small business that requires an online address book. Small business often have such a multitude of contacts that managing them all becomes a real pain. WinWeb Contacts CRM has far more functionality than a physical address book and will not get lost or [...]

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  • What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

    Customer relationship management can be described as the process or strategy that a company adopts to manage relationships with its customers. Often this takes the form of a technology based solution otherwise known as CRM software, such as that provided by WinWeb. The CRM effort and associated CRM technology can be invaluable for small enterprises [...]

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  • Why Does My Business Need A Contacts CRM System?

    At the heart of most CRM software is the contact management system. This looks after all the many contacts that many businesses rely upon. This information is often linked to a history that the organisation has shared with the contact including (but not limited to) previous enquiries, comments and previous sales. These nuggets of business [...]

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  • Why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is Vital to a Business

    Most businesses place their relationship with their customers at the heart of what they do. Therefore the management of this relationship is of paramount importance to organisations large and small. However, as businesses grow and evolve this becomes more difficult to manage so it’s not surprising that many are turning to technology for a solution. [...]

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