customer relationship management

  • Business Tips for managing virtual relationships


    Communication with customers now increasingly often only takes place in a virtual environment. Take a look at the slideshare below to get some tips on how to manage virtual relationships, courtesy of WinWeb. WinWeb Business Tips for managing virtual relationships

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Your Customers


    Any business that doesn’t make customers their number one priority is not going to be in business forever. Don’t Sell: Customers don’t want to be sold to or spammed – it is annoying and irritating. If you engage with your customers on a personal level, they will engage with you too. Focus On Customers: Your [...]

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  • WinWeb CRM App: Features and Benefits


    There are so many Customer Relationship Management software solutions on the market – why should you choose the CRM app from WinWeb? Manage all of your relationships: Your customer relationships are vital for the success of your business. Using our CRM app allows you to easily manage relationships with every person who comes into contact [...]

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  • Improving Business Efficiency with Cloud CRM


    As your business grows, do you struggle to keep up with your growing contact list? Keeping a business organised is one of most important ways to make sure that your business is managed efficiently. But with the amount of contacts amassed by the average business, keeping track of your contact list can become quite difficult. [...]

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  • What is Cloud CRM?


    As the ways that businesses interact with their customers change, it has been important for software to change also. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has become a vital way of communicating with both existing and potential customers. Now, with the Business Cloud, businesses can interact with their customers and provide support to cope with the [...]

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