Customer Service

  • Best practice for customer service


    It is vital for any business to make their customers happy. As well as offering great products or services to your customer base, they will also expect top-notch customer service too, even if your business is a one-person operation. With this in mind, here are some best practice tips for providing excellent customer service: Make [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Your Customers


    Any business that doesn’t make customers their number one priority is not going to be in business forever. Don’t Sell: Customers don’t want to be sold to or spammed – it is annoying and irritating. If you engage with your customers on a personal level, they will engage with you too. Focus On Customers: Your [...]

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  • What makes WinWeb unique?


    The business software market is very crowded, but WinWeb offer more than most. Whether you are considering business software for the very first time to help manage your startup, or you already own a success enterprise and require a tailored solution to meet the needs of your organisation – we have apps that will do [...]

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  • Who is your “Ideal” Customer?


    Sometimes a business wastes time on attracting the wrong audience for their products. When a business starts up, they are delighted if anybody at all decides to purchase from them. Of course, it is always appreciated when anyone spends money at your business, but a lot can be learned by identifying a so-called “ideal customer”. [...]

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  • Earning Customer Loyalty


    It’s sometimes difficult to inspire loyalty in your customers, but it is always extremely easy to lose it completely. Customer loyalty is an important goal for most small businesses because the cost of attracting new business can be up to three times more expensive than retaining existing clients. However the problem with customer loyalty is [...]

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  • Keep your customers happy!


    Working to retain your existing customer base delivers far greater results than attempting to attract new clients. Around 80% of small business sales come from just 20% of their existing customer base. Regardless, the majority of business promotions are aimed at attracting new customers and often exclude past purchasers. Small business owners should encourage customers [...]

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  • Customer Service Made Easy With WinWeb Projects & Tickets


    Without the right tools, providing great customer service can be a seriously difficult task for any small business. Even big organisations rely on a lot of help from technology so that they can keep track of all the help requests that they receive from customers. Without it, they would soon become hopelessly lost in a [...]

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  • Top 5 Tips for Excellent Customer Service


    The ability to provide excellent personalised customer service is one of the main advantages that a small business has over its large competitors. Here are some tips for making sure that your small business provides the best possible customer service: Build a relationship: It is important to establish a rapport with your customer base, even [...]

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  • Would Customers #Fail Your Business?


    Success for a business is customers choosing your business and spending money with you. Ideally, these customers would return to your business time and time again, maintaining loyalty to you and your firm. Really successful businesses have, not only loyal customers, but evangelical customers – customers who will tell anyone and everyone who will listen [...]

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  • Customer Services Tips for Small Businesses


    As a small business, providing great customer service is now more essential than ever. The whole world is now interconnected via the Internet and any bad thing that is said about your business online can easily be seen by people looking for information on your company. It is necessary for small businesses to embrace new [...]

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