data storage

  • How to keep files and folders organised


    One of the first problems you are likely to encounter as a business owner will be the large amount of documentation and written / printed communication that starts to pile up around your office. Even if you stick all your paperwork into folders, you’re only delaying dealing with the problem. The paperwork will mount up [...]

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  • Data Backup Cloud App


    Your business data is vital to the long-term success and survival of your business. If you were to lose any of your data – either through equipment failure, theft or natural disaster – the effect on your business could be disastrous. Many businesses that lose their data never fully recover and that’s why WinWeb is [...]

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  • Online Disk App: Features and Benefits


    Your data security is vital. That’s why our Online Disk App was designed with the data storage requirements of all types of businesses in mind, from small businesses that just need to store and share a small number of critical files, right through to large enterprises that need to store and analyse a large amount [...]

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  • Dealing with BIG Data


    Big data doesn’t have to mean an equally big cost. Storing a large amount of data and making it accessible to all of your employees used to be a big problem for small businesses. Their only option was to get a local network all of their own, which then had to be maintained and often [...]

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  • Get in Sync with your Digital Life


    For most of us, our digital belongings are now as valuable as our physical possessions. That’s why it is essential that you take care of them. Everyone now owns something in a digital format that they cannot afford to lose. Whether it is important documents related to your business or photographs of a loved one, [...]

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  • A versatile Online Disk for your business


    Statistics suggest that every year one in ten hard drives will fail. The importance of keeping accurate business back-ups can never be overstated. The financial cost for even simple data recovery by an expert is huge – it could be up to £3000 ($6000). There are numerous factors outside of your control that could easily [...]

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  • Online Disk = Ultimate Business Security


    Keeping your business related files and documents safe while enhancing productivity can feel like quite a challenge, but if you want to keep up in the modern world it is one you will have to face and master. Online Disk is a service which promises to help you achieve this with ease and it certainly [...]

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  • 5 Data Storage Tips


    In an increasingly digital world, many small businesses now have important data that they simply cannot afford to lose. However, many of them still fail to take even basic precautions when it comes to data storage. Here are some things to remember that can help: Keep organised: If you are using a complicated system of [...]

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  • Data Storage In The Cloud


    A small business that does not have a data storage policy in place is taking an unnecessary risk. The consequences of data loss can be extremely severe and will often lead to a loss of revenue for the business involved. There are numerous threats to small businesses that do not take adequate data storage measures. [...]

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