• How To: Setup your email account using Microsoft Outlook


    If you are a UK customer and you would like to check your Business Email via Outlook, please follow the instructions below in order to set it up. US customers should follow the same instructions but set the “Incoming Mail Server (POP3):” to instead. Setup Instructions for accessing WinWeb Email via Outlook Email Address [...]

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  • Browser Email Spell-Check Feature for WinWeb Email


    Your web browser will probably automatically correct the spelling of all emails you write within the WinWeb Email app, but if it doesn’t then it is likely that someone has changed the settings. Find out how to change your browser settings so that you will be able to see your spelling mistakes by reading this [...]

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  • Lifetime Access to Integrated Cloud Email


    If you want Cloud email functionality that is tightly integrated into the rest of your business processes, we’ve got the ideal add-on for any existing users of our Cloud Apps or anyone looking to make their first steps into the world of Software-as-a-Service. We have recently updated the email app with increased functionality that makes [...]

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  • WinWeb Email


    Many businesses feel the need to have their own dedicated server to handle email or to store and share electronic documents. Maintaining company servers can be a very expensive process, particularly once the server starts to get older and problems develop. Sadly many business owners have failed to realise that web-based software can now fill [...]

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  • The Benefits of Email Newsletters


    Email is still a great cost-effective tool for small business marketing. However, it is often overlooked in favour of techniques that are actually less effective and cost more or take more time. The main reason for this is that most small businesses lack the expertise to conduct an email marketing campaign or they assume that [...]

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  • The hidden costs of “Free”


    Using free webmail services is often a great way to check your email on the go. But for professional small businesses, a premium service cannot be beaten. The greatest disadvantage of using a free email service is that usually you will be stuck with the domain name of the service provider as part of the [...]

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  • E-Mail Management Tips for Small Businesses


    E-mail is a great business tool and has gradually become absolutely essential for most of us over the last fifteen years. However, it is a huge time sink and can have a negative effect on your productivity. If you are finding that it eats away at your work schedule and distracts you from more important [...]

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