• Business Planning and Analysis


    It is a certainty that your small business will face problems at some stage. Planning is essential to help you overcome these problems whenever they occur. Without a plan to give it direction, a start-up business is unlikely to survive very long. You need to be well prepared to cope with problems such as a [...]

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  • Planning for a successful business


    Without a business plan, it is easy for a start-up to become sidetracked and lose focus on what they hope to achieve. A good business plan is often the deciding factor in the ultimate success or failure of a brand new small business start-up. Its now easier than ever to start planning for success by [...]

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  • Bootstrap Marketing


    If you are launching new products or services on a bootstrap budget it can be very difficult to spread the word. Often not even your existing customers are ever aware that you have expanded your product range. To solve this problem, you have to get creative. Mention your new products on every form of correspondence [...]

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  • Setting Your Business Goals


    It is often said that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Small businesses should not neglect to use business theory techniques such as the SWOT Analysis or SMART goals. There are a number of people who will suffer if you don’t establish goals. Employees need direction and motivation in order to [...]

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  • Bootstrapping techniques for small business


    Bootstrapping is the best way of running a small business on a low budget. Here are some great ideas for keeping down your costs: Specialisation: Your industry knowledge is very valuable and can earn you money. Share your wisdom online as much as possible (without giving away trade secrets, obviously). Contribute advice at online forums [...]

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  • Small Business Opportunities

    A SWOT analysis can identify a lot of exciting business opportunities that you were previously unaware of. The SWOT analysis examines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that might have an impact on your business. If you are having difficulty identifying new opportunities then you will need to do some research. Here are some of [...]

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  • Plan your way to a successful business


    Business planning is not just a useful way of setting goals and objectives that you aim to achieve. It is common practice for new small businesses to write a business plan. One of the main reasons for business planning is that you are able to produce a document that can be used to convince potential [...]

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  • Using SWOT to spot weaknesses


    If you conduct an honest and truthful evaluation of your business with a SWOT analysis then you will be able to identify the weaknesses that could have a negative impact on your success. A small business can learn a lot from a SWOT analysis. This will then allow you to start working out a strategy [...]

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  • Plot with SWOT


    If you haven’t ever conducted a SWOT analysis to try and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you may have overlooked some important information. A small business has a distinct competitive advantage over a large corporation in a number of ways. Although at first glance, it may seem that large businesses fare better [...]

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  • Launching a new product


    The process of turning an idea into a business can be lengthy and disheartening Despite this, it is important to stay positive. Every year, thousands of new products are launched and some become household names. If you feel that you have a great idea for a new product, you need to start working at turning [...]

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  • What is a Mumtrepreneur?

    Women in business often face discrimination that stops them from breaking through into senior management roles or onto the board. Worldwide, the US has the highest number of female employees (52%) while India has the lowest with just 23%. The number of female board members in top companies in the UK is quite low, especially [...]

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  • Powerful Software in your Web Browser


    The future of software is moving towards applications that run inside your web browser. Web-based applications remove the hassle of ever having to update your business software again. It also means that developers can react quickly to issues that arise and release new versions far quicker than traditional software vendors could ever manage. It can [...]

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