• Business Cloud Benefit: Environment


    It’s not just ‘Big Business’ needing to clean up their act on the environment – small and medium enterprises can do their part too. Our climate is changing. You can help. Work online. Carbon Footprint: There is a lot that an individual can do to help the environment, simply by making smarter choices when it [...]

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  • An Environmentally-Friendly Software Solution


    Climate change is perhaps the most important issue of our time. Despite this, small business owners have limited options for reducing their carbon output or helping the environment. Because they have very little money to spare they often have to do things in the cheapest way possible. We at WinWeb believe small business owners can [...]

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  • How Can Your Small Business Reduce E-Waste?


    The UN released a report this week that called for urgent action to tackle the amount of e-waste building up in developing nations. Countries such as China, India and many African nations are currently suffering a deluge of old computers and electronic equipment. This problem is only going to get worse in years to come. [...]

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