• Small Business Financial Management


    Without tight financial control, any business will soon get into trouble. Keeping control of finances is critical to the success of any small business, otherwise any sudden dip in cashflow will leave them unable to pay bills or purchase new stock. This would have disastrous consequences for unprepared businesses. Good financial management involves a lot [...]

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  • What is a Nominal Ledger?


    The Nominal Ledger is an important way of determining whether you are making a profit, simply by looking at two core figures – the amount of money received and spent. The Nominal Ledger (also known as the General Ledger) is the main accounting record for any business using double-entry bookkeeping, usually listing accounts for current [...]

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  • A Financial Health Check For Your Small Business


    Keeping on top of your business finances can be a stressful process for many small business owners. Unfortunately, it is an essential task if you wish to avoid business failure. Even businesses that appear to be successful on the surface and are making a lot of product sales can become victims of business failure if [...]

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  • Lending Nightmare Continues for Small Businesses


    Research unveiled this week by the IOD (Institute of Directors) has revealed that large numbers of cash-strapped UK small businesses seeking assistance from their banks are being turned away empty-handed. A surprising one in three of the businesses surveyed which had applied for a loan were refused, raising further concerns that banks are not still [...]

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