• Globalisation and Human Rights


    Today is Blog Action Day and this year they are highlighting the issue of human rights. We’ve decided to look at the impact globalisation is having on human rights worldwide. Now that it is increasingly easy for businesses to sell or manufacture their products in countries all across the globe, there are new challenges involving [...]

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  • How to sell your products globally


    Your business probably had a humble beginning. Whether it was launched on the spur of the moment from your kitchen table, or required months of planning to secure the lease on your dream location, it might now seem that you have reached a natural ceiling on how far you can advance. The big question you [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Globalisation


    Take your small or medium enterprise to a global audience for the very first time with the help of the Business Cloud. Adjust Your Mindset: Going global requires a different mindset – so you will need to adjust your thinking and make sure you have all of the tools that you require to allow you [...]

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  • Outsourcing: An inexpensive small business alternative


    WinWeb want to help small businesses reach their full potential. Outsourcing is a tactic that is now commonly used by many small businesses. A number of core business functions can be outsourced. Bookkeeping in particular is now regularly outsourced by small businesses looking to save their time and money. A sensible solution is to look [...]

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  • Global expansion for your small business


    A Virtual Assistant is far cheaper than setting up an office overseas. Traditionally most small businesses have never had much global reach. The catchment area for most businesses usually only extends to a radius of a few miles. The arrival of the Internet has changed things completely. Whereas before only large corporations with giant marketing [...]

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  • Work & Collaborate With Anyone Around The World


    Projects need to get done ASAP, professionally, and at the lowest cost possible. Easy you say, and you are right! Cloud computing is a great start and will help you to work with anyone inside your business to get the tasks done. But what about if the right person for the job is not “inside”, [...]

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  • Micro Multinationals


    Any business on the internet is a global business, if you need proof of that have a look at your website analytics. But what does it mean to be a global micro business? What seems like an accident, i.e. global traffic to your website, could become a business objective. Obviously people are looking for what [...]

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