integrated software

  • Save time and money through smart integration


    Small business owners are quite rightly always looking for new ways in which to save their money. Anyone who works on a freelance or self-employed basis will know that anything which wastes their time ultimately also ends up costing them money as well. With the increased popularity of the Cloud, more and more businesses and [...]

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  • Is your accountant giving bad advice?


    Businesses often rely on their accountant or other financial advisor to provide them with sound advice about managing their money. But many accountants are also called upon to recommend accounting software to their clients, even though technology isn’t their strong suit. If your accountant is recommending that you use fragmented software (i.e. a standalone accounting [...]

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  • True Cloud Integration


    Most cloud vendors will list integration as one of their main features. But in reality, the integration they offer usually comes with unwanted drawbacks. Any integration that is not built into software from the very beginning by the developer has to be offered through API (application programming interface) to allow third party software to connect [...]

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  • Business Cloud Benefit: Integration


    Don’t settle for software that doesn’t meet your requirements or requires integration through API and multiple subscriptions. All-In-One Business System: An integrated approach to back office services, business IT, online business activities and human resources management for the 21st Century. Integrate Accounting: Accounting may seems like a chore, but unfortunately it is also essential to [...]

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  • Integrated Solutions: The Sensible Choice


    How much does your business pay for software in total? If you add up how much your business spends annually on software it might shock you. However the bigger problem is not just the cost of all this software combined, but the fact that the majority (if not all) of this software will not have [...]

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  • Does your IT suffer from “OTP Syndrome”?


    Businesses often think they are getting a great deal by opting for “off-the-peg” solutions to fill their IT requirements. However they may find they are taking shortcuts that decrease the overall effectiveness of their business and damage their chances to be successful, leading to much frustration. It’s natural for a business (particularly those with only [...]

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  • 5 Tips on Using Integrated Software To Save Time!


    The working life of a small business owner is often frantic. Every minute of their time is precious, so the last thing they want to is be wasting their time on things that could be done more quickly or avoided altogether by using integrated software. Here are some of the benefits of integrated software: Lower [...]

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