• LinkedIn Page: Features & Benefits


    LinkedIn is THE social network for business. Use it wisely to make powerful networking contacts. There are a number of benefits gained from using LinkedIn to promote your business online: Easy setup: You can quickly create your own essential LinkedIn page to represent your business on the social media network. Reach a specific audience: Want [...]

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  • Social Media Simplified


    What are the main social media platforms and how can they help your small business? Facebook: Facebook is the “big daddy” of social media. It has evolved from a site for students into a website for everyone. Your mum is just as likely to be on Facebook as your local pizza parlour. Both small businesses [...]

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  • Small Business Social Media


    Social media is a great marketing tool, especially for small businesses on a bootstrap budget, but without a coherent plan in place then you will not gain much benefit. Although many small businesses now have an online presence, not all of them have a presence on social media yet. But if you are aren’t convinced [...]

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  • What is Social Media?


    Even large corporations are now using social networks to communicate with their customers. Social media is a great way for a savvy small business owner to interact with customers and conduct bootstrap marketing. If used correctly, social media will build relationships and increase visitors to your online store. Some businesses actually use it as a [...]

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  • Welcome to the Social Enterprise


    Engaging with customers is the most important function of any business – how do you do it? Do you think your website and telephone are the tools that will do the job? Think again! Today you have to be where your customers are to find new business and listen to what your clients say about [...]

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