mobile phone

  • Get your business mobile


    Mobile technology has great benefits for businesses. Mobile broadband allows your customers to do everything they currently use home broadband for without needing a fixed telephone line. Now they can access the internet while travelling (e.g. public transport) or away from home on holiday or a business trip. Mobile ‘dongles’ and smartphones have made it [...]

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  • What is a Mobile Website?


    Chances are you will have a mobile device of some sort. So will your customers – and they will expect to be able to view your website on it. Websites these days can look amazing when viewed in your web browser at home, but very often the technology used to create these flashy visual effects [...]

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  • Get O2′s Blueroom Treatment With WinWeb


    UK’s premier mobile phone operator O2 is offering their business clients all manner of business products and services at a discounted rate, for being loyal customers. This certainly meets with our approval, any help small business can get in which ever form has be welcomed these days. We are happy to report that you can [...]

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