Online Marketing

  • Business Website Errors


    Less is often more when it comes to building business websites. It can be difficult to build a professional looking website, especially if you are working on a tight budget and it is your first ever attempt. Never start building a website without clear objectives. Consider whether you are aiming to perhaps increase sales or [...]

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  • Marketing a new product


    Small businesses have to be creative when it comes to spreading the word about a new product or service. It can be frustrating launching a new product because it often feels like no-one is listening. You may genuinely believe that you have created something that there is a market for, but simply cannot reach the [...]

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  • Twitter for small business


    Many small businesses sign up to social media accounts and then forget about them. If this is the case for your businees then you are missing out on some great opportunities to learn a lot about your market. Firstly, you should be looking to see if anyone is already talking about your business or products. [...]

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  • Using a Business Website as a Marketing Tool


    To save money, the marketing budget is often the first cut that a small business owner will make. The main problem with this method of saving money is that it hurts them in the long run because they will be unable to attract new customers. However, it is possible to still reduce advertising expenditure by [...]

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  • Online Press Releases: Spread the Word!


    Want to generate some online “buzz” for your business? Does your business have important information you want to share with the world? Perhaps you are starting a new partnership or launching a new product. You can easily inform your existing customer base about the news but will often have difficulty spreading their message to a [...]

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  • One Page To Say It All!


    Have you ever wondered how many website pages you need, to make a good website? Maybe it is easier to answer this question when we look back to times when we did not have the Internet and websites, what happened then? How did we advertise our products and services then? We used to have an [...]

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  • A Start Button For Your Business


    On Monday we updated our software and our user interface, to make navigating our Office Cloud Apps easier for our clients. All you have to remember from now on, is to press the “START” button to see all the options you need for your daily business activities. More enhancements are on their way over the [...]

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  • Social Media Training Basics


    Getting started in social media can be difficult for any small business owner. Marketing experts continually spout the benefits of social media for small businesses, often without providing practical advice on how to maximise the potential of the platform. The most important thing you need to bear in mind about social media is the need [...]

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