• United Kingdom VAT Rate Change in OnlineOffice.


    On Monday December 1st. 2008 the applicable VAT rate will change from 17.5 % to 15 % until December 31st. 2009. As you would expect with our OnlineOffice this change is happening automatically in the Sales Module (Invoicing and Proposals), Accounting Module and in the Cashbook Module. No updates or new software to load, meaning [...]

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  • WinWeb's OnlineOffice is Entrepreneurs Online Support Service

    The Belfast Telegraph writes about entrepreneurs and small business owners needing services and support at an affordable cost. Small business is most venerable during times of recession and credit crunch, receiving affordable support is essential if these small businesses are to survive in this harsh economic environment. In it’s article it focuses on WinWeb’s 24 [...]

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  • LaunchLab on how to have your 'Head in the Cloud.'


    Dan Matthews of is contemplating how he and his readers can get their ‘head in the cloud.’ Rather than ranting about tie etiquette, Barack Obama and other highly topical subjects, he has decided to rant a little about cloud computing. He describes how small business can benefit from the technology. He makes reference to [...]

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  • Cloud Computing: The OnlineOffice Benefits


    ‘Cloud Computing‘ is in the media everywhere these days. What does is mean and how is it going to help your small business or home business? WinWeb has been providing Cloud Computing for over ten years now and the benefits are as multifaceted as the technology itself. Here are the basic benefits how we at [...]

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  • OnlineOffice 5 Goes Live.


    Today WinWeb released the long awaited new release of it’s leading Small Business Infrastructure – OnlineOffice 5. With over 100 new features WinWeb added a new Academy section, an ideas and educational framework for entrepreneurs. Today’s release sees over 100 free new business ideas published in this section, to help budding entrepreneurs to start a [...]

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