Projects & Helpdesk software

  • WinWeb Helpdesk App: Features and Benefits


    Want to be able to provide better customer support without going over your budget? The Helpdesk app is a powerful, affordable solution for any size or type of business. Improve response times: If you don’t have a dedicated support team it can be difficult for you to personally provide customer service within a reasonable timescale. [...]

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  • The Helpdesk as a Sales Tool


    You probably already realise that a helpdesk is important if you want to provide timely support to your customers online. But did you know that it can also be a potent tool for creating sales opportunities? Both your existing customers and any potential customers will expect great customer service from your business. Even if your [...]

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  • Your Virtual Helpdesk


    What is a helpdesk and what can it do for your business? Virtual helpdesks are the modern equivalent of a Customer Service counter in a high street store. The great benefit of a virtual helpdesk is it allows your business to provide timely assistance to customers without any further investment in your infrastructure. Routing all [...]

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  • Protecting your brand with helpdesk software


    In the online world of social media, it doesn’t take much to give your business a bad name. Tales of poor customer service can be all over Twitter or Facebook in a matter of moments and unless a company is equipped to take immediate action it may be too late and the damage to your [...]

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  • Lead Generation for Your Small Business


    One of the most important factors in making your new business a success is generating quality leads. The lead generation process can be simplified and streamlined through the use of quality lead generation software. Without lead generation software, it becomes difficult and inefficient to chase up your small business leads. Using quality lead generation software [...]

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