• Business Cloud Benefit: SaaS


    Software-as-a-Service is the best option for businesses of any size. 24/7 Live Support / 365 days a year: We know you will be busy during the day with your clients and working on new projects. When the phone stops ringing for the night you can finally get down to your admin work, so we thought [...]

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  • The Basics of SaaS


    Our software is not available to purchase from a shop, order on a disk or download. We prefer to offer our software suite as an on-demand application that can be accessed wherever you can find web access. This method is known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). If you have used web-based e-mail before then you already know [...]

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  • Reducing your effect on the environment


    E-waste is a growing problem for small business. Wondered what happens to your old computer when you throw it out of your small business? Well, there are huge amounts of e-waste building up in developing nations as a consequence. Countries such as China, India and many African nations are suffering a deluge of old computers [...]

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  • Using WinWeb software to increase sales

    When selling, you must convince potential customers that your offering is superior to the competition. A very in-depth, almost encyclopedic, knowledge of your product is essential. You should be able to answer any question about it without hesitation because knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world of sales. A business website will allow [...]

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  • SaaS: Great productivity from your Web Browser


    Half of the world’s internet population currently use Internet Explorer. However, WinWeb are well aware that many people prefer to use other popular browsers. That is why we support all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It doesn’t matter which of these browsers you favour or whether you like to mix and [...]

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  • Ditch the annual software updates


    Sick of updating to the latest software version just to receive continued support? In the past, software vendors have often left customers waiting for months or years between updates. During this time the customer could be left with software that doesn’t work properly or leaves their computer vulnerable to an attack. Many vendors will also [...]

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  • Powerful Software in your Web Browser


    The future of software is moving towards applications that run inside your web browser. Web-based applications remove the hassle of ever having to update your business software again. It also means that developers can react quickly to issues that arise and release new versions far quicker than traditional software vendors could ever manage. It can [...]

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  • Benefits of Modular Software


    Traditional software can often be very restrictive for the end-user. There is usually little, if any, flexibility in terms of the product you receive. This “one size fits all” approach that many vendors take towards providing software is purely for their own benefit. By offering limited software fit for one specific purpose that isn’t very [...]

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  • Infographic: Cloud vs. Boxed Software – The Benefits.


    With some “boxed” software providers claiming that cloud computing is too expensive, we thought we would have a little look and see if this is actually true? Here is our little info-graphic about the subject: This is just the average pricing we found on the web from some of the best known “boxed” software providers [...]

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