• Not all cloud offerings are subscription based


    Subscription based charges have become the norm in the cloud industry thanks to companies like Salesforce and Netsuite and many traditional software companies like Sage have now shifted their focus towards a subscription-only model. Read more:

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  • WinWeb announces Sage ACT import for Cloud CRM


    WinWeb understand the importance of having all your data in one place, in one easy-to-use multi-purpose software suite. That is why we continually work to develop plugins that make it easy for people to switch to WinWeb without being locked into their current software vendor. Our latest software plugin allows users of Sage ACT CRM [...]

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  • WinWeb Custom Business Cloud Software Solutions


    Businesses are often as individualistic as their owners, slightly different processes give it its uniqueness. This individualism is part of the unique entrepreneurial DNA of a business. Standard software solutions can kill this uniqueness and with that one the possible success factors for any business. With over 5,500 unique software modules we can offer millions [...]

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  • Infographic: Cloud vs. Boxed Software – The Benefits.


    With some “boxed” software providers claiming that cloud computing is too expensive, we thought we would have a little look and see if this is actually true? Here is our little info-graphic about the subject: This is just the average pricing we found on the web from some of the best known “boxed” software providers [...]

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