• Changing the Conversation


    We are often asked what we mean by “Sales + Marketing Automation”? People buy essentially for two reasons – ego or need – that is it. I want those shoes or I have a problem that needs solving. There are no other buying motivations. Now consider your business, you are trying to find new clients [...]

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  • Five More Small Biz Sales Tips


    Last month we brought you five great tips for making small business sales. We heard from many readers that found them useful, so today we have another five for you to consider. Ask Questions: If you want to get inside the head of potential customers and find out what they actually want, you need to [...]

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  • Selecting a Distribution Channel


    When it comes to launching your product, selecting the right distribution channel is a critical decision that requires a lot of research. You must decide on the best way to deliver your product to consumers. If you get this crucial decision wrong, it could result in the failure of your business. Different types of product [...]

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  • Top 5 Sales Tips


    Selling your product or services can be very difficult for small business owners, especially if they are not a natural salesperson. However, anyone with a warm personality and an in-depth knowledge of their product can be successful at selling. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to being a successful salesperson: [...]

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