• Not all cloud offerings are subscription based


    Subscription based charges have become the norm in the cloud industry thanks to companies like Salesforce and Netsuite and many traditional software companies like Sage have now shifted their focus towards a subscription-only model. Read more:

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  • WinWeb Business Cloud Framework – Business Management Platform


    Managing your business requires planning, it requires focus on work-flow and it requires management skills. Mid-size business has had these types of software solutions for decades now. Provided by the likes of SAP, NetSuite, and others, these are often horrendously expensive and as such not available to micro business and small business. WinWeb’s Business [...]

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  • WinWeb Custom Business Cloud Software Solutions


    Businesses are often as individualistic as their owners, slightly different processes give it its uniqueness. This individualism is part of the unique entrepreneurial DNA of a business. Standard software solutions can kill this uniqueness and with that one the possible success factors for any business. With over 5,500 unique software modules we can offer millions [...]

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