Time management

  • Control your schedule


    It can be extremely difficult for an entrepreneur to stay organised unless they have some way of keeping to schedule. Many small business owners struggle to keep track of the various tasks that they have to complete throughout the day. The best solution for many of these business owners would be to get an online [...]

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  • Keep track of your business schedule


    Try to prioritise the most important tasks for the day and make sure they are completed. Small business owners often complain that there are simply not enough hours in the day. Despite rushing around working on various tasks, at the end of it all they find that they actually accomplished very little. The solution for [...]

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  • Ditch the annual software updates


    Sick of updating to the latest software version just to receive continued support? In the past, software vendors have often left customers waiting for months or years between updates. During this time the customer could be left with software that doesn’t work properly or leaves their computer vulnerable to an attack. Many vendors will also [...]

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  • How Does A Tomato Increase My Productivity?


    Sound like a joke? It’s not! It’s the Pomodoro Technique. I love my job; unfortunately I also love making tea, choosing a song on iTunes, checking facebook and I compulsively check emails and can’t leave an email without replying. For me, focus is essential to make the most of my potential and increase my productivity. [...]

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