UK Government

  • WinWeb CEO responds to Mark Pirsk, MP


    Mark Pirsk, MP & Minister for Business and Enterprise, published a blog post on the BIS website entitled: “Working together with small business“ – in which he asked for thoughts on what small business wants and needs. WinWeb’s CEO, Stefan Töpfer, responded with a 10 point plan on how to improve the small business environment [...]

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  • New Businesses Get A Government Boost


    From Monday 6th September, new businesses (excluding those in London, the South East and East of England) have been able to start claiming a holiday from NIC contributions for their first ten employees. This holiday will last all the way until the 5th of September 2013. This new Government initiative was announced in the Chancellor [...]

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  • UK Government PAYE Error Causes Outrage


    This week HM Revenue and Customs had to confess that nearly six million people in the UK have either underpaid or overpaid on their taxes during the previous two years. Unsurprisingly, this has been cited by many as further proof that the current UK tax system is both deeply flawed and overly complicated. It has [...]

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