UK Snow

  • No snow in the Cloud


    Has your business had to take another snow day? Snow has wreaked havoc in the UK for the FOURTH year running. Already, there are warnings from experts that the bad weather is likely to tip the country back into recession due to the inevitable impact on construction and shopping. If you own a small business [...]

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  • Is your business prepared for the “Big Freeze”?


    Over the previous two Winters, many small businesses have lost revenue due to the adverse weather conditions in the UK. Heavy snowfall has caused chaos for two years in a row and not many people will be surprised if this Winter goes for the hat trick. The real issue is why the country still has [...]

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  • No Snow Chaos For Small Businesses In The UK


    Snow is often regarded as a major problem for businesses but fun for kids. Not being able to get to work, while knowing that there are customers waiting for that all important quote, can be very stressful for anyone – because we don’t like letting people down, especially not our customers. There’s the potential that [...]

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